0001562180-21-003486 4 1 20210512 20210514 20210514 GIOVACCHINI PAUL G 0001016697 4 34 001-37839 21926466 SEACOST CAPITAL CORP 55 FERNCROFT STREET DANVERS MA 01923 TPI COMPOSITES, INC 0001455684 3510 201590775 8501 N SCOTTSDALE ROAD GAINEY CENTER II, SUITE 100 SCOTTSDALE AZ 85253 480-305-8910 8501 N SCOTTSDALE ROAD GAINEY CENTER II, SUITE 100 SCOTTSDALE AZ 85253 TPI COMPOSITES INC 20090206 4 1 primarydocument.xml PRIMARY DOCUMENT X0306 4 2021-05-12 false 0001455684 TPI COMPOSITES, INC TPIC 0001016697 GIOVACCHINI PAUL G 10 MILL POND LANE SIMSBURY CT 06070 true false false false Common Stock 2021-05-12 4 J false 588015.00 44.93 D 0.00 I See Footnote Common Stock 2021-05-12 4 J false 37506.00 44.93 A 56612.00 D The securities were held of record by Landmark Growth Capital Partners, LLC ("LGCP LLC"). LGCP LLC is the general partner of both Landmark Growth Capital Partners, L.P. ("LGCP") and Landmark IAM, and Landmark Equity Advisors, LLC ("LEA LLC") is the managing member of LGCP LLC. The Reporting Person is an advisor to LEA LLC. The Reporting Person may be deemed to share voting and investment power with respect to all shares held by LGCP. The Reporting Person disclaims beneficial ownership of the securities reported herein for purposes of Rule 16a-1(a) under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"), except to the extent of his pecuniary interest therein, if any. Represents a pro rata distribution from LGCP LLC to its members, of which the reporting person is a an advisor to LEA LLC. Includes 10,017 shares held of record by the Reporting Person that the Reporting Person had previously assigned the economic rights to such shares to LGCP LLC. In connection with the foregoing distribution, LGCP LLC assigned the economics rights of the 10,107 shares back to the Reporting Person. /s/ Steven G. Fishbach, Attorney-in-Fact 2021-05-14