0001562180-21-002319 4 1 20210315 20210317 20210317 Fishbach Steven G 0001678418 4 34 001-37839 21752614 C/O TPI COMPOSITES, INC. 8501 N. SCOTTSDALE ROAD, SUITE 100 SCOTTSDALE AZ 85253 TPI COMPOSITES, INC 0001455684 3510 201590775 8501 N SCOTTSDALE ROAD GAINEY CENTER II, SUITE 100 SCOTTSDALE AZ 85253 480-305-8910 8501 N SCOTTSDALE ROAD GAINEY CENTER II, SUITE 100 SCOTTSDALE AZ 85253 TPI COMPOSITES INC 20090206 4 1 primarydocument.xml PRIMARY DOCUMENT X0306 4 2021-03-15 false 0001455684 TPI COMPOSITES, INC TPIC 0001678418 Fishbach Steven G 8501 NORTH SCOTTSDALE ROAD, GAINEY CENTER II, SUITE 100 SCOTTSDALE AZ 85253 false true false false General Counsel and Secretary Common Stock 2021-03-15 4 M false 5293.00 0.00 A 17360.00 D Common Stock 2021-03-15 4 S false 1595.00 52.30 D 15765.00 D Restricted Stock Units 2021-03-15 4 M false 5293.00 0.00 D Common Stock 5293.00 0.00 D Since the date of the reporting person's last ownership report, the reporting person transferred 1,776 shares of TPIC common stock to his ex-wife pursuant to a domestic relations order. The reporting person no longer reports as beneficially owned any securities owned by his ex-wife. Represents the shares sold in a non-discretionary transaction to cover tax withholding obligations in connection with the vesting of 5,293 restricted stock units ("RSUs"). This transaction was executed in multiple trades at prices ranging from $51.91 to $52.87. The price reported above reflects the weighted-average price. The Reporting Person hereby undertakes to provide upon request to the SEC staff, the Issuer or a security holder of the Issuer full information regarding the number of shares and prices at which the transaction was effected. 100% of the RSUs vested in full on the third anniversary of the grant date; provided that the Reporting Person continues to provide service to the Issuer through the vesting date. The RSUs do not have an expiration date. Each RSU represents a contingent right to receive one share of the common stock. All unvested RSUs will automatically expire upon Reporting Person's termination of service from Issuer. /s/ Steven G. Fishbach 2021-03-17